Massage CEU Spreadsheets

Supplemental CEU Spreadsheets and Calculators

Calculating and organizing the numbers needed to make business decisions for your practice as discussed in our CE courses can be difficult. The following Excel spreadsheets were created to help make the calculations and organization a little easier. Feel free to download the spreadsheets, make your changes and save them to your computer for future use in your practice. If you have any other calculators or spreadsheets you would like to see on our site, contact us and we will work on adding them to our collection.

Massage Practice Startup Costs

This spreadsheet helps you determine what it is going to cost you to start your own massage therapy practice. This is most closely associated with our Startup Guide for Massage Therapy Practices course. In this course you will learn about margins of safety and reserve months, both of which are included in this spreadsheet.

Massage Practice Monthly Budget

Every business needs a budget. As discussed in the majority of our CE courses, understanding where your money is being made and where it is going is vital to the survival of your practice. This spreadsheet contains a monthly budget for your practice that will help keep you organized in your business decisions.

Marketing Strategy Analysis

Deciding which of your marketing strategies are working for your practice and which ones are actually losing you money will help you keep your marketing plan on track and spend your marketing budget effectively. This spreadsheet not only includes a calculator for you to quickly analyze whether or not the massages you scheduled because of a marketing strategy were worth more than the price you paid to implement that strategy, but also includes a historical log for you to track your prior marketing strategies and how they performed.

Cash Drawer Reconciliation

Whether you reconcile your cash drawer daily or weekly, it is important to make sure you have the right amount in cash and checks. YUsing this spreadsheet you can be sure that you will never have cash disappear or never make it to your cash drawer.

Massage Continuing Education Tracker

Keeping track of your continuing education courses can be a hassle and it becomes easy to forget when you took a course or how many continuing education hours your earned. This simple spreadsheet helps to organize the continuing education courses you have taken.

Renting vs Owning a Massage Practice Location

Need help weighing your options of whether you should be renting or owning the location for your massage practice. Let this calculator help you run some numbers on your choices.

Loan Amortization

Whether you are taking out a business loan to start your practice, make changes to an existing massage practice, or buy a location, this spreadsheet will use your custom inputs to give you your monthly payment and more.