Massage Practice Forms, Lists and Templates

Supplemental CEU Forms and Templates

Following the recommendations discussed in our CE courses can be difficult, especially when you are starting from scratch. The following forms and outlines were created to help make implementing the strategies taught in our courses a little easier. Feel free to download the resources we have provided on the site and if you have any other templates or spreadsheets you would like to see on our site, contact us and we will work on adding them to our collection.

Massage Practice Business Plan Outline

The heart of any business is a business plan. This outline gives you a general idea of how your business plan should be organized and what information should be included. This outline is discussed in more detail in our Business Management and Startup Guide for Massage Therapy Practices courses.

Quarterly Business Review

In addition to all the calculations and number crunching that needs to be done on a business to look at the health of the financials, there are other non quantitative aspects of analysis that should be compiled quarterly. Filling out this review on a quarterly basis will help give an overview of where your business has been in the past quarter. More importantly, keeping a record of this review for many quarters will give you a resource personal to your practice for future use. For example, maybe you implemented a new marketing strategy and it did amazing. This would be denoted in your quarterly business review and in the future if you are ever looking for a new marketing idea, you can review these notes and feel confident reimplementing this strategy.

Quarterly Goal Review

In addition to the quarterly business review, reviewing the progress of goals you set during the past quarter is also important. This form will help you organize your goals for the next quarter and help to give you insight into the success or failure of previous goals.

Massage Practice Office Supply List

The office supplies you will need when starting your massage practice or spa.


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