Business Tip: Be the Expert

Business Tip: Be the Expert.

When potential clients are looking for a massage therapist they are looking for the best. But how do they define the best massage therapist? They haven’t received massages from every therapist and most likely have heard of only a few in the area. Your potential clients will define the best massage therapist as the one with the most knowledge, the expert in massage therapy for their area. So how do you become the expert they are looking for?
While there are many different techniques to reaching the expert status, there are two main requirements: visibility and knowledge. The second requirement of knowledge is a given. To be the expert in your field you need to have up to date knowledge of trends, cycles, benefits and new techniques in massage therapy. This knowledge will give potential clients confidence in you as their massage therapist which in turn makes them more comfortable going to you for their massages and further information.
You may have all the massage therapy knowledge available, but if no one knows your name, that knowledge is useless for attracting potential clients. The visibility you are after in this type of scenario is not your basic marketing visibility, this type of visibility needs to exemplify your knowledge and expertise. Try offering small lectures or luncheons to the community giving information on the benefits of massage and healthy living. Find a local newspaper or magazine and see if they would be interested in offering a free weekly column to their readers where you could write about these benefits. These are the types of activities that will help create that expert visibility you are looking for. Once you are pronounced the expert in your market, potential clients will have a hard time choosing the non expert for their next massage.
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