How to pick an online continuing education provider

The CE courses we offer are not your run of the mill massage courses. The courses offered are focused on helping massage therapists operate a massage business. Whether the therapist is working on a contract basis, the owner of an established massage therapy practice, or a long time dreamer of some day opening a massage practice, the courses we provide have been tailored to each of these individuals. Below I break down the individual courses and course packages we offer, not with course objectives, but by where in the entrepreneurship journey the massage therapist is. The goal is to help you choose the right continuing education course for your current situation.

Gold Package

This course package is perfect for current business owners or massage therapists who are serious about learning as much as they can about the business side of massage therapy. This package offers a buy 3 get 1 free promotion.

Silver Package

This course package is similar to the Gold Package, but is recommended for massage therapists who are just starting out and do not own their own practice. Instead of taking the Business Management course, subscribers to this course will use the Startup Guide for Massage Therapy Practices as the core CE course in this package. The Silver Package also offers the buy 3 get 1 free promotion.

Business Management

This is the flagship of our courses and by far the most popular. It is meant for any type of massage entrepreneur and is a wide overview of different business topics including writing a business plan, finances, marketing and networking. The more specific 4 and 3 CE hour courses are expansions of this course.
Startup Guide for Massage Therapy Practices
As a more targeted version of the Business Management course, this course is specifically for massage therapists who are in the planning stages of opening a massage practice. Designing and writing a business plan is the ultimate goal of this course.

All About Marketing

All About Marketing is our most popular course that branches from the Business Management course. This course helps solidify the marketing knowledge needed for massage therapists in any stage of their careers that want to know how to promote themselves professionally.

Business Finances

This is an extremely helpful course for massage entrepreneurs who are looking to take the next step in understanding their business’s finances. Recommended for those who already own a practice.
Online Marketing
This course breaks down the ways you market and carry yourself and your practice online. This is good for practice owners, soon to be practice owners, and those looking to learn a little more about the possibilities the internet offers.

Professional Communication

This is an interesting course in that it hits many different topics on multiple levels. This is the only course we offer that can be used for both entrepreneur and non entrepreneur massage therapists because it discusses interview skills, resume writing and networking.
After you have chosen the courses that fit your situation feel free to visit the individual course pages to look at the course objectives and more details such as the length of the course and approval information. All of the courses we offer are in an online format. Your course materials will be offered in an easy to download PDF, the course tests are online and graded immediately and the certificate acknowledging your completion of the course is also available right through your user account. How much more convenient can it get? If you ever have any questions or concerns during the course process you can contact us either by phone or email where we will happily solve your problems.