Refunds for Massages

From a customer relations point of view, you should always incorporate a refund policy into your massage practice.
What if someone is dissatisfied with the massage? In most cases of dissatisfaction, it is almost always better to refund the money than to have your reputation smeared by a confrontation. Bad news travels faster than good news and it is always better to remedy a negative situation in a prompt and efficient manner.
You never want anyone walking out of your practice with a negative attitude about their experience. The only exception to this is when dealing with your policies. If someone walks out of your practice frustrated after being shown the consequences of your policies (that they have agreed to), they are upset with themselves because they knew ahead of time what the consequences were going to be. Don’t be too worried about this type of negativity; it won’t travel far because the client would have to admit to others that they were wrong.
Deal with refunds quickly and in a polite manner. Apologize for not meeting their standards, ask what went wrong, and if the situation warrants it, invite the client in for another massage as an opportunity to show that the problem has been taken care of. As I wrap up this quick synopsis of refunds, remember to not take it personally. No matter what your skill level or how many years of experience you have there is no way to guarantee that you can meet everyone’s expectations.
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