Turning a Job into a Career: The Importance of Business and Marketing Based Massage Continuing Education

No matter what aspect of the massage industry you are in there will always be a need to have basic business and professional knowledge. Whether you are a rising entrepreneur, a veteran massage practice owner or a massage therapist working in a massage practice having this business knowledge will give you the insight needed to analyze situations at a new level. This is without a doubt a unique and useful ability that is common amongst successful entrepreneurs and managers alike.
Unfortunately this is a knowledge set that is lacking in massage education both at the initial and continuing education levels. The lack of the opportunity to learn these skills has and will continue to hinder the ability for massage therapists to truly excel in the business world as a whole. This knowledge would turn massage therapy into a career choice opposed to a job and the ability to open a massage practice commonplace opposed to a rarity. If all massage therapists had a starting amount of business knowledge, the possibilities for the profession would be endless. The individual therapists would know how to represent and market the profession in a way that is consistent across the board. With basic economic knowledge, there would be no fear of large franchise businesses taking over the profession because individual therapists would have the same business knowledge that made these large corporations successful. Lastly the ability to analyze business and pricing situations from a supply and demand standpoint would mitigate the poor pricing decisions being made. The extreme deep discounts that are currently being given are not only unsustainable for the profession, but also decrease the perceived value of a massage.
Overall, the need for business knowledge is rampant among the massage industry. The profession should further incorporate these types of courses into the requirements for initial licensure and continuing education. I feel that the profession as a whole would not only be better for current massage therapists, but also a more stable and lucrative profession for future generations looking for a career.