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While there are many courses given on massage techniques, there is a lack of education on the techniques needed to be successful in the business world. Whether you are the owner of a massage therapy practice, want to be an owner, or are just looking to improve upon your career as a massage therapist, Innovative CE LLC was created to help you.

Our Mission

At Innovative CE, our mission is to expand successful entrepreneurship within the massage therapy industry by providing business resources to current and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Before we go any further, welcome!
Being the author of the courses, I feel it is only right that I give you my background, an explanation of what Innovative CE is and what I plan to accomplish with this organization.

How it All Started

I was raised around natural healing and medicine. As the son of an Acupuncturist, I quickly learned the difficulties facing alternative healing practices. I would watch as talented colleagues of my father whether they were massage therapists, acupuncturists, or chiropractors were plagued with difficulties in their business that sometimes even led to failure. What was hard to grasp was that the difficulties these individual businesses faced had nothing to do with the talent of the individuals, but from the lack of business knowledge required to run such businesses.

Acquiring the Tools

I fell in love with the inner workings of businesses and the analysis of companies whether they were multinational corporations or local small businesses. This passion drove me to earn my bachelors degree in business with a major in finance. While in school I used the finance knowledge I had gained to work as a stock market analyst in Jacksonville, FL. I loved the idea of looking deeper into how a company worked and what strategies or decisions made it successful or unsuccessful, so much so that I am currently continuing my own education by completing my PhD in Finance.

Combing Two Passions

Throughout my time learning about business analysis whether it be in school or through actual use as an analyst, I continued to remember the colleagues of my father who didn’t have the business knowledge I had acquired. If they had access to this type of information I knew that their businesses and lives could benefit. I needed a way that I could help fill the gap between these business owners and the business education they needed. I found the solution through continuing education courses. I could finally combine the business knowledge and experiences that I have had with what I have learned from growing up around natural medicine and healing.

The Final Product

What was created was Innovative CE. A company that provides NCBTMB and Florida approved massage therapy CE courses focusing on business and professional education. While the business has started in massage therapy, I plan on expanding Innovative CE to provide business and professional courses to all types of professions. Feel free to browse through the site and the courses to see which course fits your interests the best.

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