Professional Communication

Professional Communication

3 CE Hours

Trying to get that massage therapist position? Whether you are looking for your first massage position or looking to make a change in your career this course was made for you.

Course Objectives:

• The steps and techniques needed to write a relevant and effective resume
• The stages of the interviewing process and how to prepare for and perform well in an interview
• The importance of public speaking and how to become a better public speaker
• How to network with fellow massage therapists, local business owners, and potential employers to aid in your career

Why you should complete the “Professional Communication” massage continuing education course

Why was this CE course created?

The ability to communicate is a deal breaker in any type of business or industry. Your knowledge of how to convey your thoughts and more importantly have someone understand them is a direct reflection of how good of an entrepreneur you are. The most useful place for this knowledge is in networking and public speaking. Sadly, these are uncomfortable for many people especially business owners who rely on their ability to communicate for income. We created this course to build communication bravery in massage entrepreneurs. We wanted this course to give massage therapists some faith in their selves when it comes to communicating with strangers or crowds.

What you will learn

The first topic discussed is networking, because of its vital role in the marketing and promotion of small businesses, specifically massage practices, we wanted to make sure it was well represented. By going over strategies to make you feel more comfortable in a crowd, to introduce yourself and carry a conversation you will be confident in your ability to network in a crowd. Next we discuss the biggest fear of all, public speaking, and how to overcome this fear and give a great presentation to any crowd big or small. Also included in this course is a section on interviewing. This is actually the only section in any of our courses not directly related to entrepreneurship, however despite where you are in your career the techniques and lessons taught for interviewing can be directly applied to all aspects of professional communication.

What type of massage therapist should take this course?

Entrepreneur, employee, new massage therapists out of school and seasoned therapists will find value in this course. Everyone should have a basic knowledge of professional communication techniques and strategies regardless of career path or timing. This appeal to so many types of massage therapists and the importance of the knowledge it provides have made this one of our most popular courses.

Where are the CEUs approved?

This course is approved by most states by individual state boards and because it has been approved by the NCBTMB for continuing education renewal. Specific states include Florida, Alabama, Texas, North Dakota and many others. To find out if your state will allow the use of this course please visit our continuing education approval page for detailed information on individual state CE requirements and how our courses fit into the courses you need to take.