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At Innovative CE, we provide a comprehensive site with the focus of providing many diverse resources to aid massage therapy entrepreneurship.

Massage Entrepreneur Blog

Our blog includes posts ranging in topics from marketing ideas to overall tips on how to stay focused as a current or aspiring massage therapy practice owner.

Calculators and Spreadsheets for Massage Practices

As the newest addition to our site, our free downloadable spreadsheets give massage therapists the ability to utilize the information found in our continuing education courses and blog in an easy to use environment.

Massage Continuing Education Courses

The massage continuing education courses we provide focus directly on helping the massage entrepreneur start or grow their practice. These courses cover all areas from professional communication to marketing to business management. These courses are available completely online in an easy to use and flexible format.

Forms and Templates for Massage Practices

These free downloadable forms help give massage therapists the ability to utilize the information found in our continuing education courses and blog in an easy to use environment. Specifically included are ways to organize goals, your business history and business plans.

Useful Links

Florida Board of Massage Therapy
Entrepreneur Magazine
Bodywork Online
Massage Planet (specifically the Massage Tools section of the forum)

Additional Information

Why we provide massage practice resources…
Our mission is to help expand entrepreneurship in the massage therapy field. This is not a goal that is completed over night and not one that can be accomplished with a lack of resources. We want to ensure that our clients and visitors of this site have the tools they need the increase their probability of success in the business world. Opposed to solely providing CE courses, providing resources in multiple areas allows us to create a comprehensive portal for massage entrepreneurs to access the knowledge they need.
In the articles written for our blog we preach about a common theme, specifically creating value for and relationships with your clients. We have decided to take our own advice with the way this business operates. There are many massage therapy continuing education providers to choose from and all offer different types of courses. However, by talking to past course users and looking deep into our mission we decided to take a different type of route. We want to establish a relationship with you as a patron of this site, this is difficult over the internet, but we are ready for the challenge. We don’t want you to visit the site, buy a course and leave; we want you come by and stay awhile. The way we have decided to accomplish this goal is to provide more resources and regularly updated articles so that the site and the way you use it can constantly evolve.

How to incorporate these resources into your massage practice

With such a wide variety of resources, there is a potential for being overwhelmed. All too often entrepreneurs try to incorporate many new ideas into their practice all at once. The ambition that drove you to open your own business can also cause some unnecessary problems. But have no fear; there is a solution and a way to utilize the resources of this site in a way that is beneficial to your massage practice.

It can wait

The first thing to remember when using the information on this site whether it is from a continuing education course or article is that you don’t have to do anything immediately. If you find an idea that you think will be beneficial for your practice (we hope that you find more than just one) write it down and think about it for seven days, yes a whole week! During this week really analyze the way this idea will be incorporated into your practice. How long will it take to implement? Are there other parts of the business that will be affected? Is this something you need to do soon or would it be better to make this change in combination with something else later? Once you have broken this idea into its simplest components and looked at it from all different angles then make the decision to implement the advice. Not only will this help you from making changes or implementing strategies that your practice might not be ready for, but it will also help you get into the habit of looking at how different decisions affect your practice. If ever you are approached with an opportunity in the future you will be able to make a decision rather quickly because of this habitual mindset.

One step at a time

The second thing to keep in mind when using these resources is that major rewards don’t come from one minor change. I think the excitement of entrepreneurship and the glorification of “get rich quick” schemes and stories cloud the reality of the business world. There is no such thing as free lunch and the same idea holds for your practice. Expecting to only work a little and reap huge rewards is fun to think about, but a rare occurrence. Fortunately, over time the hard work does pay off. When using the ideas and resources on this site you can’t expect instant gratification or success. Actually expecting major success from the implementation of any one single idea is also a stretch. The secret is the combination of many different strategies over time. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day neither will your practice’s success. Take everything one day at a time and let your efforts build over the life of your practice. Once you have a web of strategies built with the many strands of hard work you will start to see the fruits of your labor, so use these resources to help take one step at a time on your trip up the mountain.

Online massage CEUs

Our massage therapy continuing education courses are the core of our resources. The depth and abundance of information in these courses can in themselves be overwhelming. Use the same advice given above when taking any one of the continuing education courses. The uniqueness of our courses’ content makes this a challenge for some users because this information is not normally taught in the initial training to become a massage therapist. Don’t be overwhelmed, really think about how to utilize the information in your practice and take it all one step at a time.
We hope you enjoy the information and resources we provide. If you ever have a suggestion or request for a particular topic or resource please do not hesitate to contact us.

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