Secrets Of Giving Erotic Massage

If you would like to make every date to be something that your partner can remember or if you want to spice up the sex routine, then it is time to give him or her the erotic massage.
The erotic massage involves more than slathering the oil at the front or back. When you follow such secrets, you are going to be an expert in making the woman to melt each core and to have the lust thermometer to rise with triple digit.

You do not need extra knowledge

To give Boston sensual massage, there is no need to read books or to take classes. The technique does not require previous training or any practice. What you need is to know how to touch her and how to bother her in a certain attitude and touch. When you use such tips, your partner will feel ready to enjoy sex afterwards.

The reason of giving the massage is not about to relax or for therapeutic reasons. You are not looking to be a massage therapist. What you want to achieve with this message, is to show her what it may feel like if you make sex with her. You wish that the girl can be turned on sexually if you touch her or lay the hands on the genital or breasts.

The secrets behind erotic massage

Without putting on the lotion or the oil, then you may use the fingers so that you can brush the skin softly and you can tease or arouse him. Focus more on the arms, neck, face and tights. When you touch him in these places, he will want you to touch her in different places.

You may use the lotion or oil as you continue to run the palms and fingers on the abdomen or sliding the hands down on the pubic region. You can glide the hands down an up the thighs and you should stop before you can reach to the genitals. When you do not reach to the intimate place, it makes her to want you even more.

Make him turn the back and run the hands down her back while the thumbs will be pressing the spine gently. Kiss him in the back and lick it for some time and run the hands around and upward while touching him near the intimate part. Learn over the nuzzle of the neck while trying to bite it in a soft manner.

If the breathing is quicker, then you will know that the person is sexually aroused and you can be bolder on how you touch him or her.

However, you have to make sure that you set the mood before starting with the erotic massage. Get the music and candles and make sure that the place is sexy and this will make everything to be sexier. You have to be damn sure that some music and candles can put someone into good mood before you even try something else. Vanilla is one of the sexiest scents and it is good if you choose vanilla scented candle and have sexy tunes.