Massage Practice Consulting

When looking to take your career to the next level, there is nothing more advantageous than bringing a business consultant into your practice. Consulting at the individual practice level offers many advantages. The first and foremost being the ability to focus in on specific aspects of your practice’s operations. This pinpoint approach will allow you to empower your strengths and transform your weaknesses. As a trained business analyst, I am able to give an objective view and opinion of your current operations and financial situation. The advice I give you will be specific to your practice’s condition regardless of how long you have been in practice or what state your practice is in.

Bringing your practice to a point of profitability is a relatively simple task, on the other hand, the process of taking the next step and truly making your practice something great is completely different. At the point of profitability, the basics of how a business works are already in play however, efficiency, technology, and unique strategies are what will advance you through to this new level.

I personally have many unique and time tested strategies that your practice can use to help achieve the goals you wish to attain. This unique approach is unlike anything you will find in basic business books and more importantly it will focus directly on massage therapy practices. I even share a handful of these unique strategies in my blog and especially in my CE courses. Dealing with individual practice situations allows me to take these general strategies and tailor them specifically to your practice’s needs.
Even with the general knowledge provided in my current course offerings look what participants are saying:

“I am thinking about my practice in an entirely different way.”

“I never realized how many options were available to me when starting my practice.”

Now imagine if I was able to speak to you directly…imagine if I were able to look at your marketing strategy, your financial reports, your operations and help your practice directly only focusing on what needs to be done to achieve your goals.
I got into this business with the goal to spread entrepreneurship within natural health professions using my business education and personal experiences. Being able to personally consult massage practices is the best way for me to achieve my goal./p>
I understand that there can be some fear associated with trying something new in your practice. I’ve heard all the comments before

“I’m not ready for a consultant”

“Consultants are only for big corporations”

Let me assure you that these could not be more wrong. No one can ever be ready for a consultant and that’s the point. If you were ready for a consultant then you wouldn’t need one and the second fallacy that consultants are only for big corporations couldn’t be further from the truth. Businesses of all sizes need objective opinions to ensure that nothing is being overlooked whether it is a hidden opportunity or potential revenue streams.
Even though I am positive your experience with my strategies and techniques will have you thinking about your practice in a completely different way, I am willing to go one step further. Because of my assurance, I am guaranteeing my consulting services with a 100% money back guarantee.

How does the process work?

There is not a specific way my consulting system works; it is tailored directly to the needs of the individual practice I am consulting for. Multiple locations, employees, established practices, lack of profitability, startup considerations, and efficiency needs are different considerations that need to be taken into account before I develop a unique game plan for your practice. The expectation is that your practice will fall into one of four general categories and then I will delve deeper from there in a free evaluation of your practice to establish a plan.
1. Startup & Reorganization
2. Expansion
3. Efficiency
4. Distress
The first step of the process is the initial evaluation. Because I understand the need for motivation and passion in business owners I want to ensure that you are ready to implement these very specific systems and unique strategies. Consulting is a different type of service. I can give you the plans, but for them to work I need you to take action. This is why I need to be sure that you are ready to take to take the steps necessary to achieve your goals.
After the evaluation and your acceptance into the consulting program I will send you the master plan needed for me to help you achieve your goals. This will include regularly scheduled meetings with me personally, not a staff member or secretary, to review progress of certain tasks that need to be accomplished on your end so that we can work together as a team to achieve your goals. Your quick approval of this custom plan will allow me to start sending you the strategies that need to be completed for your practice’s success.

How long does the program last?

This will depend on what your goals are for your practice and your current distance from them. We can decide whether your practice needs only one or two meetings or if it would be more beneficial to have regularly scheduled monthly or quarterly meetings to give constant evaluation as your practice continues to grow.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your strategy will depend on the frequency and breadth of the meetings and plan as a whole. There is no way to give a price because I refuse to give a flat rate for every practice. Every practice is unique and so should the strategies I provide you. I can assure with a 100% money back guarantee that the amount you spend on my services will be worth every dime and more importantly will give you techniques that you can reuse over and over again in your practice.

Contacting me

If you have any questions about the program or would like to schedule your completely free initial consultation with me click the button below and use the contact form with the subject “Consulting”. These emails will go directly to me and we can set up a time that both of us can meet to evaluate the current state of your practice and your goals.