Business Finance

Business Finance

4 CE Hours

“Because a business course based on finance just makes ‘cents’ “

Course Summary:

A must read for anyone serious about the financial future of their practice. Business Finance was created to help massage therapists navigate the financial waters of business. By learning techniques to plan, implement and quantify financial decisions, massage therapists will have a better understanding of the financial side of their already existing or yet to be established practice.
Course Topics:
• How to organize and plan your business finances
• How to establish whether or not certain strategies are profitable or worth continuing
• Descriptions and benefits of client and general practice financial policies
• Utilizing technology for finance specific tasks

Why you should complete this “Business Finance” massage continuing education course

hy we created this CE course

The heartbeat of any business is its finances. The ability for a business to survive is directly dependent on its ability to make money. With such a vital business topic, we decided to create a standalone course that would help shed some light on common questions massage therapists have about their practice’s finances. While there are other topics of entrepreneurship, finance has a unique appeal. The terms like profit, revenue and variable costs have eluded business owners for years until now. We fulfilled our difficult goal of creating a finance course that is both comprehensive and more importantly easy to understand.

What you will learn

What makes this course stand out from the rest is the elaborate examples. Due to the nature of the course, numbers and scenarios are more likely to be topics of interest than definitions of finance words. When writing this course we wanted to make sure that everything was “real world approved” in other words we wanted to make sure that the examples in the course were relatable to true massage practices. You will learn why, how and when to review your business’s finances so that you can start tracking your entrepreneurial journey. You will learn how to isolate potential problems or financial roadblocks that stand between you and the goals you have for your business’s profit. Other topics that are covered include choosing a bank, banking online, knowing how to implement a cost benefit analysis, how much should be saved to start a practice or expand, and so many other strategies and tactics.

What type of massage therapist should take this course?

This course was originally designed for massage therapists who already own their own practice and are looking to get a better handle on their finances or just to gain more credibility when they talk to their accountant. However, recently we have seen the course become popular amongst aspiring massage entrepreneurs who don’t want to wait until they already own a practice before they know how the finances of their future practice work.

Where are the CEUs approved?

This course is approved by most states by individual state boards and because it has been approved by the NCBTMB for continuing education renewal. Specific states include Florida, Alabama, Texas, North Dakota and many others. To find out if your state will allow the use of this course please visit our continuing education approval page for detailed information on individual state CE requirements and how our courses fit into the courses you need to take.