Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses are convenient, easy to use, and affordable. Because of the way our website and courses were designed, you can download the course materials, take the corresponding test, and print your Certificate of Achievement all online whenever your schedule allows. Learn more about our courses and the course completion process.

Before you Purchase Your Course

Q: Why should I take an Innovative CE course?
A: At Innovative CE we strive for excellence in the information that our courses provide. Our courses are tailored specifically to the Massage Therapist who wants to take their practice or career to the next level. Whether it is starting their own practice, growing an existing practice or navigating through the process of getting a position as a Massage Therapist we have built courses that give the tools to help accomplish these goals.
Outside of the actual course content, our goal is to build a strong relationship with you. We understand that you as the customer are our biggest asset and without you our business would cease to exist. We want to show you that the quality of our course experience is well above par so that you feel confident not only using the information in your own career, but also in coming back for more education.

Q: How can I learn more about the Innovative CE business? How did it all start?
A: The story of how Innovative CE started and how it got to where it is today is a great story. It all started by identifying a need in the massage therapy industry, incorporating a lifelong passion and creating a business focused on helping Massage Therapists make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. To learn more about how it began and where it is going check out our About Innovative CE page.

Q: How do you price your courses?
A: We do not look at CE courses as interchangeable products. For this reason we believe that courses from different providers shouldn’t be priced equally or even compared as equals. We are aware that while we see our prices as competitive there are courses that are priced at a lower cost. However, we are confident that the quality of information in our courses and the ease of the course completion experience warrant our current prices.

Q: Why do I need to create a login?
A: Creating a login will allow you 24/7 access not only to the course materials, but to the course completion exam and your student records. You can access all of these by signing into your account and choosing the Student Dashboardunder the “Login” tab. Your Student Dashboard will also hold your Certificates of Achievement for any courses you have taken through Innovative CE LLC.

Q: How can I learn more about business and professional education for massage therapists?
A: There are many ways to continue your education especially through Innovative CE. Our news feed provides weekly business tips and information that we feel would be useful to you as a massage therapist. We highly recommend that you follow us through social media (links also on the lower righthand side of this page), we share tips on the operation of massage therapy practices along with other relevant information that we think would be of interest to you. Lastly, our selection of business continuing education courses are great places to keep you updated on business and professional education. If you ever find that there is a topic you would like more information on, feel free to contact us and we would be glad to create a weekly business tip or even create a course to include this elusive information.

Q: Can I use these courses if I am not a Massage Therapist?
A: Of course! The information and tools given in these courses are valuable for any business owner.

Course Approvals

Q: Are you an NCBTMB approved provider?
A: Yes! Not only are we a nationally approved continuing education provider, but we are also approved by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy.For additional approval information including our Approved Provider numbers visit our Approval Information page.

Q: Can I use your courses for the AMTA continuing education requirements?
A: Yes, even though the AMTA does not approve individual providers of continuing education, because we are NCBTMB approved you can use any of our courses for AMTA continuing education fulfillment.

Q: In which states can I use this course for continuing education credit?
A: Innovative CE LLC’s courses are directly approved by the NCBTMB and the Florida Board of Massage Therapy. That being said, some states and organizations will allow our courses to count toward your re-certification because of our NCBTMB approval. Checking with your state board’s requirements for what constitutes as an approved continuing education course will always be the best bet. For additional approval information including our Approved Provider numbers visit our Approval Information page.

After Your Purchase

Q: Where do I access the course I purchased?
A: Reading our guide to completing your continuing education course is highly recommended, but for the quick answer…When you purchase your course and log in, your course material and course test will be available on that specific course page, found under the “Courses” tab. If you purchased a course package, go to the actual course package page, not the individual course pages.

Q: How long can I access the course?
A: There is a one year time limit on your subscription to the course and all of its contents. Regardless, we recommend printing out the course or saving it to your computer so you can continually use it as a reference. Your Certificate of Achievement will always be available through the Student Dashboard even after the one year time limit.

Q: When can I take the end of course exam?
A: The course exam becomes active on that specific course page the moment you purchase your course. This allows you to take the exam at your convenience whenever you complete reviewing the course material (also found on the course page).

After Course Completion

Q: Where can I get documentation of my completed course?
A: You can log in to your Student Dashboard (found under the “Login” tab) and access Certificates of Achievement for all the courses you have taken with us.

Q: My certificate shows my username not my full name. Is there a way I can change this?
A: When you go to your account page (found under the Login tab), you will see spaces for your first and last name. When you fill these in the certificate will automatically load with your full name opposed to your username.

Q: What if I find that the course wasn’t what I expected? Do you have a refund policy?
A: While we work very hard in providing high quality courses, your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are ever dissatisfied with any of our courses please contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will gladly refund your payment.

Q: I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist in Florida, do I need to notify the Florida Massage Therapy Board of course completion?
A: No. We will notify the Florida Massage Therapy Board through CEBroker upon the completion of your course. Just don’t forget to add your Florida license number to your account page so we can do the reporting.

Q: Is there a way I can be notified of new courses in the future?
A: Our news feed, social media pages, and overall website will provide you with information on newly created courses. If you ever have a specific business based interest and can’t find it in one of our courses, contact us with your request. With enough requests we will build a course tailored around your needs as a massage therapist.